How to Increase conversion rate and make more sales

According to experiments, Website conversions are around 2-3%. It means if 100 people are visiting your website, only 2-3 out of it can be expected to be your customer.

But what actually happens to be there? On which factors a customer decides to continue enrolling with your product rather than choosing something else?

There is a lot to take care of, if any of it struggles, you might be compromising on your business’s future. In this article, we’ll see How to increase conversion rate of your online business, both Content & ad campaigns.

Believe it or not, 2-3% is a very good conversion rate unless the majority of websites do have a score less than 0.5 or even 0.2%, which means they need almost thousands of visitors to receive a single customer.

Properly Optimize your content

 Remember, Authenticity and Uniqueness is at the top of these factors that need to be maintained to keep your content well-reputed and informative.
Properly optimize your Landing page, these factors are needed to be taken care of-

  • Incrase Page Loading Speed: According to studies, users tend to switch to other websites by abandoning which does have page response dealy of 3-5 seconds. it’s also found that a second of delay can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Thus it’s really necessary to invest in a good Hosting plan while you’re setting up a website.
    If you’re not sure that your website is fast enough or not, use Google Page Speed checker to check how fast your website is opening up.
  • Responsiveness: Make sure your website is well optimized to mobile devices. Not only It’s a key factor in Google page ranking systems but the users that’ll be landing on your webpage, should experience a well performance in order to maintain the conversion ratio.
  • Search Engine Optimization: You’re probably aware of SEO as we have previously discussed how it matters in order to rank a page on Google. Do keyword research on regular basis and implement them inside your content.

Setup a sales funnel

While running an online business, if you’re not using a sales funnel yet, you’re missing the most out of it. While you’re spending more than 5-10% of your gross revenues on marketing, obviously you don’t want it to go in vain.

Sometimes it happens that you’re in a hurry to ask a visitor to purchase your product even before they’re psychologically ready to get to know about your services.

Remember If a product is more complicated or expensive, People will take more time to analyze that before committing to it. It’s the fear of losing worth that works here inside a potential buyer. So, it’s your job to make sure your visitor is well aware of your services, as well as keep your products worthy enough to tackle and beat competitors.

In order to convert a visitor into a customer, you need to create an imaginary funnel, through which you’ll be following a certain flow of work, which will eventually improve your conversion rate with each iteration.

Make sure you’re aware of the difference between Marketing Funnel and the Sales funnel. The main motive of a marketing funnel is lead generation whereas the sales funnel is designed to generate more sales with higher conversion.

A basic sales funnel can contain steps like-

  • Marketing of a product
  • Pitching of Product, practical interaction.
  • Awareness of the product, let the user know what you have to offer.
  • Providing Demo or Trial to the user.
  • Offering special discount or Coupons/ negotitaing pricing.
  • Successful Purchase.

easy buy process

It’s proven that the majority of less converting products have so many types of plans that it sounds confusing to potential buyers.

Do not make it hard for a customer to choose their needs, the more categories and micro-sections you provide, the more difficult it gets to them to choose one.

The landing page should be focused on only a specific niche, the one you’re putting advertisements of or marketing through other feasible mediums.

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Social Proof – Review

People tend to believe more in Reviews rather than analyzing a product by themselves. Before buying any product, viewers like going through an actual user’s point of view about a specific product/service.

You should also know that majority of customers hesitate to purchase a product if there’s no Social proof or customer reviews. Try to gather as many reviews as possible from the previous customers.

You can start collecting reviews on completion of Services right away through Trustpilot or Linkedin, these are the most used platforms to showcase the authority of a Business’s online presence.

Apart from that, Social media is a powerful tool to collect reviews from your previous customers & to showcase them via Highlighting them on your Social profiles. Unless you’re not planning to run Facebook ads exceptionally, you can hire Micro-Influencers to deliver your Brand’s message.

This will positively put an impact on your Marketing campaign with a huge increase conversion rate.

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Conduct A/B Testing

Imagine two variations of Designs, both created for a specific campaign as a complement to one another.

Name both respectively, ‘A & B’. In our examples, we’ll be taking two simplistic designs, One is a little bit different from the other, little though noticeable.

We will send both Samples A & B to the same number of people ( let’s assume the audience count is 2000) with the same area of interest, and then later analyze them by comparing which one has higher Click Through Ration (CTR) & Conversion.

Whichever sample will be having a higher conversion rate, can be used for practical campaigns. As they’re tested before and came up in a positive manner, it must not be difficult to implement.

ab testing explained

Obviously, you can conduct multiple tests on a run, though it’s preferable that you made only a single change at once. Suppose if you’re changing the Font for ‘B’, do not intend to change the Image or the formatting. On the next increment, if you’re willing to change the image for ‘B’, leave the fonts the same for both ‘A & B’.

Some of the Qualities that can be considered to conduct tests on are button color, text color, background color, Image, contrast, size, and shape. All these factors also have an impact on its performance as well as on the viewer’s psychology.

Thus A/B Testing is known as one of the key factors that help to increase conversion rate of a Marketing campaign.

Provide Value

Delivering valuable assets is a part of enrolling a regular user into your sales funnel.

It can be simple as that, you send an email to a user with some freebies, maybe some important yet premium documents, totally relevant to your niche as well as the receivers.

Thus you’re gaining the user’s uppermost trust. Now, this freebie is not being sent only to that individual but to all your email subscribers.

So, by providing valuable assets, not only you are gaining user’s authority towards you, but they tend to visit your services being a crucial part of your marketing funnel.

Embed Opt ins

Adding Opt-ins can bring customer’s attention towards a focused point. There are mostly two types of Opt-ins that can be used to increase conversion rate.

Live Chat:

Many visitors, willing to buy a product might have some doubts or questions.

Adding a Live chat with an AI system can boost up your chances of solving a customer’s queries.

Live chat software is easy to add on a site, just with a script or a simple plugin, adding they can heavily increase the conversion rate of a business.


Pop-up opt-ins are usually used to generate leads, it’s a system that shows up on top of the website’s screen with a specific intention of collecting passive information like- collecting visitor’s emails, or user’s area of interest.

You may use Popups to create a huge yet powerful list of Email Leads, which will eventually be really helpful in the promotion of your marketing campaigns.

As it shows up on the main screen, it has the capability of drawing the user’s attention towards itself, hence it can be a key to increase conversion rate on your website.

Focus on Designs

 Designing may not be the key to grabbing the user’s attention though if an ad is not designed properly with proper color Combinations, Elements, and Positioning, Users will always avoid your ads on their first impression.

  • Take your time mapping the Design
  • Get a Designer pro, Elaborate your Idea & have a discussion.
  • Use Catchy Color pallets along with Illustrations.
  • Make it neat and clean, easily understandable.
  • Get rid of Distracting illustrations
  • Not only do Videos help ranking content with positive SEO Factors, but they also grab the interest of viewers toward the content.

If an ad is being designed in Video format, try to use Softwares like Adobe After Effects, Include infographics, animations, which might attract a viewer’s attention. If in Photo format, use Photoshop or tools like Canva to create a neat and clean Ad banner.

Being creative while designing can be a source of achieving a huge amount of traffic along with a higher conversion rate from an Ad campaign.


To sum this all up, it’s really necessary you follow along with your website’s natural way along with managing best practices that will potentially increase conversion rate of your website.

This was all about ‘How To Increase Conversion Rate And Make More Sales’, I hope you loved the article, see you next time.

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