Why You need faceBook ads to Boost your business | Facebook ads Cost

If you own an online business or startup, Marketing goals become one of the major targets to chase onto. With help of social media, Targeting an audience was never been so easy before. So, Why You Need To Run Facebook Ads To Grow Your Business & How much do Facebook Ads cost? Let’s explore.

why you should use facebook ads

Whether your way of connecting to people is through Videos or Banners, possibilities are endless with Facebook and its marketing system.

You can spend as low as $1 on Facebook ads by which you’ll be receiving significant results, Though success rate and ratio depend on the niche and audience type. Let us analyze all the Advantages and Disadvantages of using Facebook ads along with Knowledge to increase the conversion ratio in your Ad campaigns.

Why Facebook Ads?

First of all, we need to know why everyone is preferring Facebook ads over any other Platform to increase Organic conversion of a Marketing Campaign.

Your Goal of learning Programming should be based on a field of interest wise. The early you start learning how to code, the better you get to evolve with time.

Audience Size:   Facebook has a Large audience pool of more than 2.70 billion out of which 1.2 Billion is regularly active. 90% of users surf through their mobile.

facebook ads gender

Targeting:   While you’re planning of running ads, you can sort your targeted audience by Age, Gender, Interest, Location, State, and many others which eventually lets you accurately reach a potential customer, which has probable higher conversion capability.

Ecosystem:   As Facebook now owns multiple major social platforms like Instagram & Messenger, the majority of the social media users surf through all of them for a long time.

So, it’s now possible to reach and re-target any user via multiple platforms. Facebook can show your ads to many places like: 

  • Facebook Newsfeed
  • Instagram Newsfeed
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Video Feeds
  • Right-hand column
  • Messenger inbox

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Pros & Cons of Facebook Ads

Obviously, Ads will get you a thousand times better result than what you could have gained organically. But, Before you get your hands on Facebook ads, you need to know how it might come beneficial for you or if it is for your need or negative.


  • Easy to Track Campaigns
  • Facebook ads cost & CPC is relatively cheap. Obviously, it depends on Niche and Area
  • Targeted users, Re-target using other Facebook Platforms 
  • In Feed Images & Videos can be used as an attention grabber, Increases conversion
  • Easy to set up even for an intermediate
  • Filter almost every condition of your Ad showing up to the specific
  • Control your daily Facebook Ads cost & budget for Campaigns


  • If not targeted with proper knowledge, the majority of Ads can land to irrelevant users, Being just a total waste.
  • There’s no option to target ads at a certain time of a day unless you choose a lifetime budget

How does if Differ from Adwords?

If you are properly able to land your Ads visitor to an attractive call to action embedded page, It will eventually get you a majority of permanent Email subscribers as well as Customers.

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So, there are numerous reasons to choose Facebook ads over Google Ads, we’ll be discussing the majority of them shortly.

Target More: As per facts, 80% of Internet users use Facebook and its branches, you can target more and more potential customers, which increases reaching possibilities.

Targetting Capability is one of the major factors why you should use Facebook ads to grow up online.

Facebook ads Cost: If you’re just starting, other Ad networks might not be profitable to run ads, CPC, and the cost to reach 1,000 people is less on Facebook campaigns.

While Facebook takes around $0.25 to reach 1000 people, Google Ads costs you around $2.75 for the same.

It’s obvious, the performance of ads will differ from another based on the Niche, and other Filters like Age, Gender, Interests, Area, Keywords, etc.

facebook ads cost

Brand Awareness: Facebook advertising can significantly develop your Brand Awareness positively as you’re delivering more and more people what you have to offer and how it can benefit them.

The more Filtering, Targeting, Re-targeting you do, the more familiar your brands get to the Niche audience. Now more likely they are gonna respond affirmative when thinking of purchasing your product.

Beneficial for Whom: If your business or services are related to Social Platforms, it’s the best option to go with Facebook ads, thus it is possible to reach out to users only from Social media rather than any random user searching with a specific keyword.

Here is a Practical Guide how Facebook Ads performed vs Google Adwords


 As we have discussed, apart from Facebook ads cost, There are many reasons that can positively affect your Online growth if you use Facebook ads with proper implementation method.

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