5 Content Marketing Trends you need to know

Content marketing has become one of the leading and Continuously Growing industries in the Populated online world. Whoever is capable of creating authentic trustworthy content based on Content Marketing Trends, owns most of the audience.

content marketing trends

Mainly Articles as well Videos are considered as Content nowadays, Here we’ll discuss 5 Content Marketing Trends you need to know in order to grow Your content and the Platform.

The Content Marketing Trends are mostly some regular practices that a creator needs to maintain on regular purposes.

Embed Videos

Organic visitors are more usually considered as major Traffic sources. Videos help to get more reach with SEO positivity. While you have included any Video inside a blog post, it simply shows up its presence in videos search results.

include videos in content

As well as it drives traffic to the YouTube video as a potential subscriber. More explanatory more informative, videos are able to elaborate stepwise processes with ease and accuracy.

 Try including videos from a Channel with the same branding as your blog, it helps to keep up authenticity as well as brand awareness.

Focus on Interface

 Designing as well as User interface keeps your content more engaged to viewers. No matter what type of content you’re working on, it can be YouTube Videos, Blogs, or courses.

  • Make a List of Discussions
  • Create Table of Contents / Timestamps
  • Use Catchy Color pallets while Designing Graphics
  • Include Infographics and Analytics Graphs

Each content has to be properly designed and integrated with intractability. For videos being Elaborative with proper Research implementation, is necessary.

As the user experience is the key to Intuitivity let us consider these tasks and Improve them in the Blog’s Content:

  Mobile Friendly:   Day by day mobiles are getting familiar with professional works too, 60% of web visits are done nowadays only via Mobile devices. Keeping your Content mobile-friendly will deliver a great experience to users.

  Faster Load time:   Speed matters, According to web geeks, users don’t like belonging to an Article that takes more than 3 Seconds to Load up content. Use tools like GtMetrix and Google Pagespeed to measure the load time of your Pages.

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Keep Content up to Date

One of the best practices to make any Article authentic is to update them from time to time. Obviously, videos aren’t editable once they’re Exported & uploaded, thus it’s only applicable to Articles.

 Though Video descriptions can contain Updated information as a Note. The meaning of keeping content up to date refers to making changes in the Data when a major change occurs. 

If Posts on a specific site are not up to date or updated with the latest information, Search engines like Google is likely to promote some other Content who’s having the latest Updated data.

 Thus, as a result, outdated pages will lose ranking on Google and such Search Engines. This is one of the major Content Marketing Trends you need to take care of.

Properly Optimize for SEO

Optimizing content according to algorithms so that Search engines promote it organically is known as SEO.

Search Engines like Google uses Crawling bots that visit from site to site and index their pages and Posts. There are more than 200 known factors that Google uses to analyze if the content is likely to appear on a search result based on a Keyword.

Here are Major Factors among the known 200 factors, Let’s take a look:

  1. Backlinks
  2. XML Sitemap
  3. Mobile Friendliness
  4. Load Speed
  5. SSL 
  6. Authority
  7. User Interface

 Remember, Authenticity and Uniqueness is at the top of these factors that need to be maintained to keep your content well-reputed and informative. Again SEO is one of the Content Marketing Trends that needs to be taken to account.

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Create Ecosystem of a Brand

One of the biggest fear of content creators is if they somehow lose their traffic resources. Well, an ecosystem can save that by providing authentic visitors from multiple platforms. 

 If one’s a Gamer he needs to have All the social profile handles where his followers will be able to have him consistently. Thus even he loses rank on a Platform, the other one will surely provide a backup resource for visitors.

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